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The most powerful electronic flight bag (EFB) on the market for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Visualize your weather with vertical weather profile, weather threat detection, and radar forecasting.

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Electronic Flight Bag

VFR, IFR (low & high), and full geo-referenced approach charts on a powerful preflight planning platform.

Brief & File

Briefings from Lockheed Martin, file IFR/VFR flight plans directly into NAS. Receive briefing emailed to you for archival and receive push alert of expected route clearance.


Features include: radar, satellite, radar simulations for days ahead, Skew-T soundings, TAF Discussions, and much more.
PIREP Submission

Vertical Weather Profile

A vertical weather profile is your route in the vertical slice from departure to destination. Weather information is time smeared based on your aircraft speed upon reaching each intermediate nearby airport. This tool provides information out 8 days. However, certain information such as advisories (AIRMETs & SIGMETs) are only available if departing within the next few hours. AIRMETs are shown when they are valid as a G-AIRMET and not current.

Full Electronic Flight Bag

Full electronic flight bag suite including offline sectional, IFR low/high, and approach charts.

  • Geo-referenced approach charts overlay on any map.
  • Automated icing, IMC, and CAPE detection based on route and time of departure alerts you to potential hazards instantly. Use altitude selector tool to quickly find altitudes free of icing or IMC.
  • Brief & File VFR/IFR flight plans directly to Lockheed Martin.


Full Electronic Flight Bag
Powerful Pre-flight Weather Features

Powerful Pre-flight Weather Features

  • Geo-referenced icing charts (CIP & FIP), prognostic and surface analysis charts, SPC outlooks, SPC mesoscale discussions, SkewT soundings, and more.
  • Base radar, composite radar, and future radar simulations out to 3 days.
  • Visible, color-coded infrared, enhanced infrared, and water vapor satellite imagery.
  • TAF Discussions, GFS and NAM MOS forecasts by airport.


Aerovie Supports the Apple Watch

A elegant watch companion for quick access to important flight information.

  • Track multiple timers including flight, engine start, and takeoff.
  • Access airport frequencies and runway information including airport thumbnail.
  • Play automated landing briefing.
  • Access and play digital checklists.
  • Access METAR, TAF, and TAF discussion information.
Aerovie Reports on Apple Watch
PIREP Submission

Electronic PIREP Submission Into National Airspace System

Submit PIREPs to Lockheed Martin Flight Service via iPad or iPhone.

  • PIREPs automatically queue for transmission when network connection is available for up to one hour.
  • Location automatically derived from GPS location or manually select a location on the map.
  • Receive alerts of new PIREPs nearby for an upcoming flight.
  • Receive confirmation of acceptance of PIREP into NAS for each submission.

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